The directors, officers, and employees of Aerospace & Marine International (AMI) unanimously endorse the following:

Integrity is the cornerstone of our business relationships. Therefore, it is mandatory that all officers, directors, and employees of AMI maintain honest and forthright relations with customers, vendors, each other, and all individuals associated with the company’s endeavors.
Tangible value is achieved when products or services are sold and delivered to customers. Therefore, AMI will place the satisfaction of our customers above every business consideration other than our integrity.
Company objectives are put in motion through the leadership and dedication of the management team. Therefore, the managers of AMI are expected to lead by both example and ability to maintain the highest professional standards and accomplish company goals.
Well-trained, highly motivated employees are the most important means of serving customers. Therefore, AMI will place a high value on employees’ well being and seek to select, train and reward employees who place integrity and customer satisfaction above all other considerations.
A profitable, growing company should, from its resources and abundance, invest in the communities wherein it resides. Therefore, the corporation will encourage, assist, and promote selected philanthropic activities in behalf of the communities in which its facilities are located.
The ability to properly service customers, adequately reward employees and return dividends to investors depends on long-term profitability. Therefore, AMI will manage its business in a responsible manner that will create and maintain a respectable return on assets.
Growth is the logical and desired consequence for a well-managed and viable company. Therefore, AMI continually will seek out opportunities to expand its markets, products, and services and rigorously evaluate management on the profitability, orderliness, and controlled growth to sustain the company in a profitable manner.
Planning is the essential road map used to keep the company moving towards its goals. Therefore, AMI will apply diligent and thoughtful planning as a corporate and management resource to ensure the future well being of the company.