The ability to oversee your en route and in port vessels is vital to maintain a competitive edge in the global ocean transportation market. Shipping company owners, operators, charterers and tow operations require simple yet detail oriented, near real time monitoring of their fleet. Shore side decision makers require working in tandem with the vessel Captains, port operations, and cargo consignor/consignee require a visualization of how weather and weather forecasts, vessel performance, route and ETA interact as a voyage tracks from departure to destination.

With AURORA, AMI’s powerful web-based fleet management service we provide a secure internet accessible warehouse of information graphically illustrating the positive and potentially negative effects that winds, waves and currents may have on your vessel’s speed, consumption, and planned ETA. Our proprietary long range marine forecasting and optimal routing guidance depicted in AURORA, provides your shore side operations a current status and forward look at the remaining route to destination.

One of Aerospace & Marine International's highest priorities is Customer Service and we realize that our shipping clients also have customer requirements on which they must deliver. Adverse weather and sea state can affect the expectations your cargo customers set with regard to schedules and ETA’s. AMI’s professional services help avoid many of the potential delays with accurate weather forecasts, route optimization, and early diversion recommendations when severe weather forecasts warrant such action. AURORA Sub-Accounts becomes a powerful customer relationship management tool allowing your organization to help your customers and partners better plan their vessel arrival schedules. Your Aurora Account Administrator is able to create sub-accounts that permit your cargo customers or third party partners to view specified details (ETA's, routes, weather, etc) of specific voyages that you have selected for their access. Additionally, your clients can view descriptions of the weather data in easy to understand terms, rather than in esoteric numerical values.

Find out how we can put AMI-Web AURORA Global Fleet Manager to work for you today.

    • Detailed weather display that allows you to view past, current, and forecast weather and sea conditions that includes:

  • - Pressure

  • - Wave height

  • - Wind

  • - Currents

  • - Storms

  • - Ice

  • - Sea surface temperatures

    • Detailed route display:

  • - Track and monitor the transoceanic progress of your ships on a daily basis

  • - View sailed, remaining, and total voyage summaries of distance, speed, and time

  • - Keep up to date on your vessel's locations

  • - View departure and arrival positions, reported positions, DR positions, and way points

  • - Actual and estimated departures, arrivals and positions are clearly notated

    • Web based download and refresh of weather, fleet, and route information

    • Fleet Management

  • - View your ship status reports including built-in alarms for

    • • Speed performance

    • • Bunker over consumption

  • - View your fleet summaries

  • - View weather overlaid with your vessel’s route and position

  • - Confirm latest estimated time of arrival

  • - Monitor your vessel's performance speed

  • - Monitor your vessel’s daily bunker consumption, voyage consumption and BROBS as reported by the Master

  • - View the communications traffic

  • - Order new service

  • - Access to archived End of Voyage Reports

    • 3RD Party Aurora Sub-Accounts

  • - Simple set-up by ship company operations staff

  • - Exact control of the information passed to 3RD party

  • - Aurora helps AMI customers help their customers

    • Interface

  • - Customizable preferences

  • - Easy navigation

  • - Filtered views

  • - Automatic input and plot of vessel Position Polling data

• Web based, 24 X 7 secure access from any PC with standard browser and Internet connection

• No software installation or IT support needed

• Efficiently plan and control your ship operations

• Provides the information you need, when you need it

• Customizable

• Saves managers and operators time

• Regular upgrades to incorporate new technology and functionality

Please contact your AMI Representative or any of our worldwide offices for more information or a demonstration of any of our products.