Aerospace and Marine International (AMI) Offshore services are specially designed for industrial activities in the coastal and offshore environments. Our accurate and reliable weather information supports your successful planning, scheduling, operational safety and efficiency.

AMI Fully networked, operational centers deliver total global weather forecasting support.

AMI offers a complete range of services for all types of operations both offshore and inshore including:

• Oil and gas exploration and production
• Ocean tows and rig relocations
• Seismic data acquisition
• Marine construction and decommissioning
• Cable laying and maintenance
• Ship lightening
• Coastal engineering
• FPSO/FSO operations

Our standard offshore forecast provides:

• Detail weather / sea forecasts
• Easy to read tabular data
• Graphical wind and wave charts
• Weather description enhancements
• Tropical cyclone forecasts
• Various forecast range options
• Optional forecasts for visibility, precipitation, clouds, and structure icing

Text and graphical forecasts can be further supplemented with weather charts showing:

• Surface pressure and upper air heights
• Wind speed and direction
• Wave heights
• Tropical cyclone tracks and intensities
• Satellite images
• Surface current setting and direction
• Structural and pack ice conditions
• Visibility

In addition to forecast services, AMI also offers climatological and oceanographic consultancy for planning and project studies, as well as forensic analyses.

Forecast products, text, graphics and charts can be sent via email and/or made available on our web secure client specific internet delivery site — the AMI-Web.

Contact your AMI Representative for more information and a demonstration of the AMI-Web.