Use our Voyage Reconstruction service to submit a claim or to verify the validity of a claim. With our extensive weather database and expertise, we will reconstruct your vessel's voyage to provide you with an objective and reliable analysis of your vessel’s voyage -- AMI’s End of Voyage Report.

This comprehensive report includes a performance analysis that provides you with calculated current and weather factors of your voyage to determine performance speed, time lost, and bunker over/under consumption. In addition, our End of Voyage Report includes weather and sea analysis tables; daily bunker consumption rates and amounts consumed; underway, reported and daily 00Z and 12Z computed positions; daily 00Z and 12Z wind, sea and swell data; interval speeds plus interval and accumulated distances; summaries of avg. speed, distance, and time en route; map of your vessel’s route; and additional support pages as appropriate per your requirements.

Our End of Voyage Reports can be further customized to meet individual client requirements.

For a more extensive review of your vessel’s voyage and performance, we also offer a comprehensive Deck Log Study based on the logbook data of the voyage. This is recommended for most cases that go to maritime arbitration.