Aerospace & Marine (AMI) maintains two operations centers in the USA and UK. These two centers are fully networked and work together to deliver global 24 hour weather forecasting services.

AMI Global Weather Solutions Brochure

We offer a complete range of services for all types of operations:

• Ship routing
• Oil and gas exploration and production
• Ocean tows and rig relocations
• Seismic data acquisition
• Marine construction and decommissioning
• Cable laying and maintenance
• Rig forecasting
• Coastal engineering
• Ship lightering
• Tropical and heavy weather advisory
• Arbitration and expert witness
• Forensic support and insurance claims
• MetOcean desk studies
• Voyage reconstructions
• Deck log analysis
• Fleet tracking
• Land transport forecasting
• Terrestial forecast

In addition to forecast services, AMI provides climatological and oceanographic studies for planning and project studies.

We invite you to discuss your specific requirements, and look forward to supporting your operations precisely as needed.

AMI has continuous high speed access to a wide variety of both observational and forecast model meteorological data, including:

- World Meteorological Organization GTS land, ship and data buoy observations
- Observations directly from rigs, platforms, FPSOs, buoys and merchant ships at sea
- Global weather satellite imagery from both polar orbiting and geostationary satellites
- NCEP Global Forecast System (GFS) atmospheric mode output (to 16 days)
- Quikscat ocean wind analysis data
- ECMWF atmospheric model output
- US Navy NOGAPS atmospheric model
- Japan Meteorological Agency atmospheric model for northern Asia
- Wave Watch 3 third generation spectral ocean wave model
- NOAA and HYCOM ocean currents
- AIS Data

Please contact your AMI Representative for more information.