Our Optimum Voyage Routing (OVR) service is designed to help you conduct your vessel operations safely and efficiently.

With the high cost of operating a ship, even a small increase in voyage sailing time will adversely effect profits. Further, more time at sea and sailing the less favorable increases your exposure to environmental and other risks.

However, good planning and a continued awareness of en route developments can better prepare you for handling difficult operational situations.

We can help you meet your schedules and reduce the chances of weather damage by directly assisting your ship Masters in their selection of the most favorable and economical routes through considering the weather, currents, cargo, and time constraints.

Our service includes an initial route recommendation sent prior to departure, daily voyage monitoring of your vessel, en route weather advisories and route recommendation updates. Our Route Analysts work with you and your vessel’s Master to ensure a safe and economical voyage according to weather and time constraints.

For the shore-side operator, we provide up-to-date information about your vessel with the AMI Fleet Status Report. It includes en route weather and sea conditions, updated performance speed calculations, and updated estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Once your vessel arrives, we provide a comprehensive End of Voyage Report (EOV) for your review. Our EOVs are recognized worldwide as both reliable and objective. If given the Charter Party details, we include a performance analysis that provides you with calculated current and weather factors of your voyage to determine performance speed, time lost, and bunker over/under consumption.

In addition, our EOVs include:

• Weather and sea analysis tables
• Daily bunker consumption rates and amounts consumed
• Underway, reported and daily 00Z and 12Z computed positions
• Daily 00Z and 12Z wind, sea and swell data
• Interval speeds
• Interval and accumulated distances
• Summaries of average speed, distance, and time en route
• Map of your vessel’s route
• Message traffic

Our EOVs can be further customized to meet individual client requirements.

Telephone consultancy with AMI duty personnel is available 24 hours - 7 days a week as part of the standard service.

With AMI Fleet Manager, our shore-based fleet monitoring system, you will readily have available your AMI Fleet Status Reports, all your past End of Voyage Reports, plus visual displays of your vessel, fleet, routes, and weather.

Please contact your AMI Representative for more information.